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  Unique beautiful Big Bandidas hand-and heartmade in wool boucle, with fringes on the sides. The inside in a colourful tricot and all are decorated with special designed Jacquard ribbons which give them their unique look and feel. This combination of fabrics and styles make the Bandidas spicy, unique, and warming shawl. You can wear them to spice up your outfit, as a shawl on chilly night or as a jacket to protect you from the cold.

- Limited collection, only a few of them are made
- Choose your preferable inside.
- 150 x170 cm | plus size of the fringes.


Paloma Cebra

€ 149,00Price
  • Material outside
    50% wool 50% synthetic fibre.

    Material inside
    High quality tricot.
    Bandidas are produced in European countries only.
    Because of the different kind of materials please bring your Bandidas to a dry cleaner to get them clean and fresh again.

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