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   Bandidas Ibiza the scarves!

         For the woman that express herself to the fullest we created in Ibiza hand-and heartmade Bandidas. Spicy, unique, and warming shawls, the outside with wool or cotton and the inside with unique printed luxurious tricot or silk. All decorated with special designed Jacquard ribbons which give them their unique look and feel. They come in handcrafted single piece production, in handcrafted limited edition and in the collection version. They are produced in The Netherlands only.
          These unique shawls bring home a piece of Ibiza. You can feel the warmth, the liveliness and the soul of the Island when wearing them. You can wear them to spice up your outfit, as a shawl on chilly night or as a jacket to protect you from the cold.

   Why should you wear a Bandidas shawl?

          Come into the room and all the eyes looking at you? Always hunting for something special? Then you are a piece of work and fit to wear a Bandidas. They are single piece productions shawls and come in different styles and colours. These expressive Bandidas will get you in style for an evening out or spice up an outfit. You can be sure that you are wearing a piece of art that nobody else has.


           Strolling through town, seeing the turning heads. Feeling the eyes poking in your back. You feel alive, you feel like you want to embrace life. Then let life embrace you. Make sure to wear a truly, beautiful and perfectly fitting Bandidas. We made a limited collection for the woman who knows how to dress in style. Whether she goes to work or is in a partying mood. Also custom-made possible! Please send a message.


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